Collaborative Care for Managing Depression in Primary Care

This activity provides a simple measurement-based approach to the routine screening, diagnosis, and treatment of depression.

In this activity, we will review:
  • Screening tools for depression
  • Thresholds for diagnosis, treatment, and referral
  • An approach to the initial treatment of depression
  • Follow-up strategies using the PHQ-9

Challenges in the Primary Care of Depression: A Patient Huddle Activity

Symptoms of MDD are often easy to misdiagnose and undertreat. Often, patients avoid seeking psychiatric treatment and instead rely on their primary care provider.

In this activity, we will review:
  • The importance of annual depression screening.
  • Managing side effects and nonresponse to initial antidepressant therapy.
  • Recognizing challenging patients and working with specialists.
  • How to employ a collaborative care model for depression.